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Yalda Mousavinia

Yalda Mousavinia is Cofounder of Space Cooperative, a new worker-owned aerospace cooperative founded in 2016, which led toward the establishment of Space Decentral, a citizen-led decentralized space agency. She is also Lead Designer and Strategist of Space Decentral.

Yalda is channeling her passion for space settlements and alternative economics into an online infrastructure that will empower people worldwide to collaborate on large-scale projects, for positive social change on Earth and beyond. In short, she is an innovator bringing Space to the community.

Since 2012, Yalda has also been a freelance product strategist and designer, where she provides product and UX/UI design consulting services for early stage startups for both mobile and web apps.

Prior to Space Cooperative, she was Senior Product Manager at Oracle where she designed solutions for the Enterprise Resource Planning cloud software suite. Her career as a product manager and designer for software companies spans 10 years. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley and an Astronautical Engineering Certificate from UCLA.

Whenever she has the time, she writes poetry about utopia and space exploration — one day she plans to release a concept album about becoming a spacefaring civilization. It was music and art which actually lead Yalda to changing paths from working at software companies to founding an aerospace company.

She is now figuring out ways to increase the chances of Space Decentral surviving beyond 2100. The new world we’re building needs a new space agency and she is planning to be in it for life.

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View her profile on LinkedIn and read her contributions at Medium. Follow her on Twitter and GitHub. Visit her Space Decentral homepage. Follow her on Morressier, the largest platform for early-stage research (need to be a member).