Advisory Board

Will Pangman

Will Pangman is Chief Communications Officer at Tapeke, Director of Marketing at Pink Eye Group, Founder and Organizer at BitcoinMKE, and Co-Vice Chairman of the Education Committee at Bitcoin Foundation.
Tapeke is a personal finance application designed exclusively for cryptocurrencies, and Tapeke is developing it because it’s time to put some order in your crypto-wealth.
Pink Eye Group is an animation video studio that specializes in Storyplex Explainer videos. Their talented production team of expert strategists, artists, cognitive psychologists, and storytellers work with you to create engaging video content that emotionally connects your target audience to your brand.
BitcoinMKE is a volunteer organization engaging in community outreach, education, and advocacy for bitcoin adoption among consumers, businesses, and nonprofits in Southeastern Wisconsin.
Will was previously Director of Sales and Marketing at “American Meat” Documentary Film — Leave It Better, Sales Consultant at Mass Appeal Specialties, and Care Coordinator at La Causa.
Will earned his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology at Miami University in 2006.
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