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Waleed Abdulla, M.Sc.

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I’m happy to announce the public launch of my latest project, On Singularity: a social news and discussion site for the futurist community. I’ve been interested in the subject for many years now; and I passionately seek and read the latest news about discoveries in science, technology, AI, bio-technology and similar areas regularly. So when I started building Zooov to create social news services targeted to niche fields, I immediately thought about building a news portal for the Singularity community.
I know that had there been such a Web site already, I would’ve been a regular contributor to it for sure. The reason I’m so excited about this is that for years I’ve been scanning through the science sections of many news sites to find the few stories that interest me; and this project has the potential to make the process so much easier. See, not all science news are the same.
For example, a news article about discovering new species of fish is very different from an article about discovering a new gene that regulates cell growth in mice. Most science news sites will put both articles in the biology section; but for someone interested in discoveries that affect the future, like me, the two articles are very different: the first is not so interesting to me, but the second is; because it highlights progress in understanding uncontrollable growth in cells which usually causes cancer and shows that we’re a tiny step closer to finding a cure, which, in turn, would greatly enhance the lives of millions and extend our lifespans considerably. You might not see things as I do; but if you’re like me, then you’re probably as exited about this web site as I am. Check it out at:

Waleed Abdulla, M.Sc. is the creator of On Singularity and is a software engineer interested in rules languages, Artificial Intelligence, and the evolving integration between society and technology. He released On Singularity in 2008 as a social news and discussion portal for the Singularity community. is one of many Zooov communities developed by Ninua, Inc. of which he’s the founder and CEO.
Waleed’s the author of the XRules language for XML business rules and has implemented open-source extensions to W3C’s DOM model, called DynamicDOM, that adds dynamism to XML based on rules specified in the XRules language.
He was also involved in two vertical standards organizations: STAR (Standards of Technology for Automotive Retail) and MIC (Motorcycle Industry Council), and was a key editor of the Web Services specifications used today in the automotive and motorcycle industries.
Waleed earned his B.Sc. in Computer Engineering in 1994, then his M.Sc. in Computer Engineering in 1997, both from Baghdad University, Iraq.
Read his LinkedIn profile and his Facebook page.