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Vital Sounouvou

Vital Sounouvou is an inventor and entrepreneur from Benin. He envisions a future as a world of innovation and technology, where every human being is touched by personalized applications.
Vital is committed to promoting his own inventions as well as the technological and entrepreneurial innovations of his peers. As a telecommunications major at the Haute Ecole de Commerce et de Management in Porto-Novo (Benin), he began his study of automated systems and digital electronics. He then went on to study Computer Sciences and Network Engineering, earning his License Professionelle from the Université du Littoral-Cote d’pale. Vital focuses his energy on his bionics research, as well as his business interests. He is founder of and cofounder of, two firms engaged in online and international trade.
Exportunity is a social network created to unify producers and traders, using online social capital to establish trust between importers and exporters, and providing a forum to networking, exchanging information, and sharing opportunities. By tailoring their social platform to the needs of international trade, they facilitate business relationships in a rapidly globalizing world.
Vital was awarded Ambassador of the Global Youth Innovation Network, in which capacity he has been invited to speak at numerous international conferences for the promotion of African innovation and youth entrepreneurship.
As inventor and promoter of the HCFS (High Compression Flying System) Smart Flying Car Project, he was invited to speak about the Bionics Revolution at the Global Future 2045 congress in Moscow in 2012. He also promotes the Africa 2045 Movement (part of Dmitry Itskov’s GF2045 Initiative). He presently seeks to situate his ideals and activities within the larger Big History framework.
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