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Victoria Ustimenko-Laskina

Victoria Ustimenko-Laskina is CEO and Founder of Preto PR Service and recently lead as Head of Global Markets at Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions (TAFFDs).

Victoria’s futurist and multidisciplinary vision of a better world has led to her focus as a progressive thinker for exponential organizations in Russia and Ukraine, representing a technologically diverse clientele, ranging from autonomous VTOL vehicles to novel IT, to bio-remediation firms.

Preto PR Service takes a 360-degree approach to communications, crafting strategies, activating audiences, and elevating stories above all. They try to implement all new technologies into everyday life. They provide Tech PR for various startups in blockchain, the longevity industry, biotech, crypto, IT, fashion, and lifestyle.

Their services include PR, general, digital, and social media marketing, business development, strategic planning, search engine optimization, and online reputation management.

Previously working as a Freelancer from 2014 to 2022, Victoria was Chief Public Relations Office (CPRO) in Business Development and Chief Marketing Officer for Vimana Global, US; 4ARTechnologies AG, Switzerland; CH-51, Ukraine; and Abubakar Suleymanov, Russia.

Victoria was CPRO and CMO at USP Capital from 2017 to 2021. She was in charge of work with the media and advisory board, which included prominent biotech, crypto, and longevity industry specialists from all over the world including Ira S. Pastor, Zoltan Istvan, Brad Templeton (Foresight Institute), Paul Spiegel, and Ben Goertzel.

Victoria graduated from Marketing at Donetsk State University in 2002.

She began her career as a Special Correspondent for Kyiv Weekly. In 2005, Victoria became PR Manager for Carte Blanche as well as PR Director at XCLV Info. In 2009, she became Editor at LiveJournal Russia before she continued with her Marketing and PR work. She was in PR for leading Russian finance companies Alpari and Lanta Bank, American Diner Companies, Smart-Soft.Ru, Actor Communication Agency, and Intergalactic Agency.

In 2017, Victoria promoted ICOs for ICO Promo. Among the agency’s list were the ICOs Sonm, Singularity NET with Sophia, the Robot,, Paragon Coin, WishFinance, Blackmoon Crypto, and Vimana Global.

Victoria is passionate about generating close relationships with some of the most impressive scientists, philosophers, artists, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

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