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Veronica Chiaravalli

Veronica Chiaravalli is a Space Entrepreneur, Space Visionary Executive Leader, and Futurist. She is Founder, CEO, CINO, and CRO of Emerging Technologies Sweden. This is an Exponential Organization working with emerging and exponential technologies through innovative projects to solve and deal with worldwide challenges, problems, and with the gaps created by these powerful technologies and their global impact.

In 2020, Veronica began Mentoring at Copenhagen Business School. She is a Mentor to Social Entrepreneurs who are building Social Enterprises to fight COVID-19 under the program #covidWISE initiative, funded by the Danish Innovation Foundation.

Since 2017, Veronica has been a Founder, Exponential Innovator, Visionary Leader, and Owner of MSEI, a Multiplanetary Space Exploration & Innovation company.

Veronica has as well earned many skills, among others she is an Interaction Designer, Unity 3D Artist, UX Designer for VR, AR, and MR. She is also an IIEC-Certified Expert in Emerging Tech, Exponential Tech, IoT, and Immersive Technologies.

She has been a Volunteer Graphic Designer at Cyber Security Forum Initiative since 2016 and at CNPITH (The Center for Nonprofit Information Technology Hosting).

Previously Veronica was Water Gymnastics and Swim Instructor, Synchro Swim Trainer, and Teacher.

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Visit her LinkedIn profile, WomenTech profile, BeHance profile, MyPortfolio profile, and her personal Homepage. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Codepen, Vimeo, and Twitter.