Advisory Board

Vanessa Schott

Vanessa Schott is the Head of Public Outreach, focused on establishing, creating, and maintaining relationships for Vergence Labs, including working with interested investors, PR professionals, potential developers or corporate partners, and other strategic business relationships. She is a natural born networker with a passion for building a better, brighter world.
Vanessa has worked with companies including Intel, Abzoo, and Simple Organic skin care on promotional materials used in corporate web sites and performing product presentations at major industry conferences & trade shows. She also has valuable hands-on experience working directly with start-up CEOs and within executive teams, including as an executive assistant to the CEO of the successful online retailer, Abzoo, a role which later evolved into responsibilities for the company’s Social Media Marketing channel.
Vanessa studied Communications and Media in Santa Cruz. She is an avid photographer who enjoys video blogging and posting video editorials or product reviews covering hot topics and startups in Silicon Valley technology. She is also passionate about creating positive socializing programs and meet up groups to benefit people in her community. She believes that the best way to help is to teach compassion and understanding through activities that benefit others. She truly enjoys helping those in need, and has two programs she is currently creating for the people of her hometown, San Jose, California. She promotes her personal message, “Encouraging Positive Social Change with the Power of Imagination and Technology”, on her social networking channels, personal website, her position at Vergence Labs, and her everyday life.
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