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Dr. Tzipi Strauss

Tzipi Strauss, MSc, M.D. is the Director of Neonatology at Sheba Hospital since 2012 and lectures at Tel Aviv University’s faculty of medicine.

She specialized in Pediatrics at the Sheba Medical Center and her main areas of research are hemostasis and coagulation in preterm infants.

Tzipi earned her Medical Degree in 1997 from the Technion Institute of Technology, Haifa. She completed her internship at Chaim Sheba Medical Center in 1999 and her Pediatric Residency in the Division of Pediatrics in 2005 and her Fellowship in the Department of Neonatology in 2007 at The Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital, one of the Middle East’s most prominent medical facilities. There, she was the Chief Resident of the Pediatrics Division between 2004 and 2005.

During her internship, she spent two years in the Netherlands at the Leiden University Medical Center LUMC and conducted research in the Department of Premature Infants. Later, she specialized in neonatology and premature neonatal medicine at Sheba.

Since 2007, she is Attending Neonatologist and since 2012, the Director in the Department of Neonatology and NICU at The Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital. In 2010, she was appointed Deputy Director of the Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital.

Her accomplishments there have included designing, implementing, and managing a project that provides grants for outstanding residents and fellows, rebranding the hospital, improving patient satisfaction levels, and organizing fundraising events. She was instrumental in the launching of Sheba’s innovative website oriented towards children and their families and takes a day-to-day interest in the monitoring of student progress.

Tzipi later earned her Master of Science Degree in Health care management from Harvard University and has been a member of the Harvard Alumni Council since 2013.

In the past few years, she has chosen to extend her knowledge to longevity.

Tzipi trained in anti-aging and aesthetics at the London clinic of Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh, a world-renowned specialist in the field of aesthetics, while staying true to the motto of “Less is more”. She also studied at the London School of Aesthetics.

At her clinics in Ramat Aviv and Savion, she offers Botox, fillers, and skin boosting treatments for collagen rejuvenation. Vitamin and hormonal consultants with the highest level of experience in longevity are accessible to provide a thorough analysis of cell rejuvenation.

Tzipi is a mother to five children. This fact was a crucial part of her TEDx Talk, The Power of Touch, at the TEDx Tel Aviv University conference.

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Tzipi has published extensively in her field and is particularly interested in coagulation and homeostasis in preterm infants. Her papers include Factor v Leiden and Antiphospholipid Antibodies in either Mothers or Infants Increase the Risk for Perinatal arterial Ischemic Stroke (2009), Analysis of Circulating Hemendothelial Marker RNA Levels in Preterm Infants(2009), Thrombophilia and Thrombosis in Children (2010), Developmental Haemostasis: Primary Haemostasis and Evaluation of Platelet Function in Neonates (2011), and Short-Term Neonatal Outcomes among Infants after In Utero Exposure to Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors (2013).

Tzipi is a member of the Israel Medical Association, Israel Society of Pediatrics, Israel Society of Neonatology, Harvard Alumni council, Neonatal examination board, Neonatal fellowship acknowledgment board, and Multicenter Research Committee of The Neonatal Association Organization, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Tzipi regularly attends scientific meetings and conferences, including the European Society of Paediatric Haematology Immunology (ESPHI), Congress on Controversies in Thrombosis and Hemostasis (CiTH), and the XXVIII International Congress of The World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH).

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Visit her Home page, LinkedIn profile, Sheba Online page, and ResearchGate profile. Follow her on Facebook, Congressmed, and Instagram.