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Tumelo Mojapelo

Tumelo Mojapelo is the Head of Content, Foresight Facilitator, Membership Concierge, and Trainer at Flux Trend, a trends-analysis company.

She oversees and directs research and content, and is on an ongoing mission to uncover fresh and complex anomalies in the world Social Factors Board of trends. She has more than a decade of knowledge and experience in the trends analysis space. Her mission is to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to make better decisions by helping them understand and apply trends in their business context, while also trying to help people find their way to their preferred future. Watch The Video Introduction of Tumelo’s Work at Flux Trends.

She has been at Flux Trends since 2010 and has contributed to reports and trend briefings too numerous to mention. She oversaw and co-authored the groundbreaking trend report, New Urban Tribes 2018: Consciously Diverse. Her keen eye and attention to detail naturally elevate business partnerships as she seamlessly connects unrelated factors and events that have the potential to disrupt current business models and society.

Tumelo brings her delightful and playful sense of humor, sharp wit, intelligence, and curiosity to the team.

She also worked on the 2012 Flux Trend Review, facilitated the Flux Trends’ Future of Work Masterclass with Dion Chang in 2018, the Post-Pandemic Life Audit Workshop with Dion Chang (2021), and many more Flux Trends Foreplay Workshops (TM) and salons since 2022. She presented a segment highlighting mental health and wellness in the workplace at an ABSA experience presentation. She has also facilitated World Building Workshops with the Flux Trends’ diverse clientele, Design Matters Mexico, the Royal Art College, and FEDISA

Watch Meet our Head of Content, Tumelo Mojapelo. 

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