Advisory Board

Teresa Mishler, DBA

Teresa Mishler, DBA is COO / Program Director at Lifespan Seminar. She is also Senior Faculty Member at Young Scientists University and Council Member for US at Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals.
Teresa teaches people to gain a structure of balance and wellness by realizing their lifespan potential. She teaches people to realize what they are capable of, while guiding them through life principles that help them manage themselves. This gives them a greater understanding of their place in this world and assists them in knowing their lifespan. She works with a number of clients, ranging from corporate executives to nonprofit leaders. She also handles the marketing of Lifespan Seminar.
Her past experience in social outreach programs and mentorship has strengthened her leadership skills. She works with people of many cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, teaching them to live up to their potential.
Teresa earned her B.A. in Psychology at Samford University in 2000. She earned her Doctor of Business Administration at Young Scientists University in 2011.
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