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Stuart Mason Dambrot

Stuart Mason Dambrot is an interdisciplinary researcher, consilientist, and futurist. He analyzes deep-structure conceptual and neural connections between multiple areas of knowledge and creativity, and monitors and extrapolates convergent and emergent trends in a wide range of research activities. He is also the creator and host of Critical Thought | TV, an online multidisciplinary discussion channel examining convergent and emergent trends in research, science, and society. Stuart has spoken about Exocortical Cognition, Emergent Technologies, Synthetic Biology, Post-Singularity Transhumanism, Philosophy of Mind, Sociopolitical Futures, and other topics at New York Academy of Sciences, Cooper-Union, Science House, New York Future Salon, and other venues.
Stuart covers breaking peer-reviewed research and key science events as a Contributing Author for and Medical Xpress, writes about a wide range of topics on Critical Thought, and has as an author and correspondent contributed to Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Science, New Scientist, Scientific American, IEEE Spectrum, Photonics Spectra, ChemicalWeek, Columbia University 21stC, Electronics, Electronic Engineering Times, Integrated Systems Design, PC AI, Financial Times, Economist, International Herald Tribune, Japan Times, Asian Venture Capital Journal, 01 Informatique, InfoWorld, Managing Automation, Central Office, and other journals and publications.
His affiliations include American Association for the Advancement of Science, New York Academy of Sciences, Lifeboat Foundation Advisory Board, Center for Inquiry, New York Futurist Society, National Association of Science Writers, Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, and Linnaean Society. He lives in New York City and has extensive experience in Japan and Europe.
Watch Critical Thought | TV to view Stuart’s conversations with scientists, researchers, authors, philosophers, filmmakers, and other transformative individuals. Read his posts on Critical Thought and his articles on, Medical Xpress, and The Briefing. View his LinkedIn profile. Follow his Twitter feed. Watch Stuart discuss Cognitive Framing at ACAP Meeting 04-25-11 — Stuart Mason Dambrot: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, and Harold Channer interview Stuart on MNN at Stuart Mason Dambrot 05-05-11.