Advisory Board

Dr. Stuart Armstrong

Stuart Armstrong, D.Phil. is Research Fellow at Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University.
Stuart’s research at the Future of Humanity Institute centers on formal decision theory, the risks and possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, the long term potential for intelligent life, and anthropic (self-locating) probability.
He is particularly interested in finding decision processes that give the “correct” answer under situations of anthropic ignorance and ignorance of one’s own utility function, ways of mapping humanity’s partially defined values onto an artificial entity, and the interaction between various existential risks. He aims to improve the understanding of the different types and natures of uncertainties surrounding human progress in the mid-to-far future.
His Oxford D.Phil. was in parabolic geometry, calculating the holonomy of projective and conformal Cartan geometries. He later transitioned into computational biochemistry, designing several new ways to rapidly compare putative bioactive molecules for virtual screening of medicinal compounds.
Stuart authored Chaining God: A qualitative approach to AI, trust, and moral systems, Utility Indifference, Projective Holonomy I: Principles and Properties, Projective Holonomy II: Cones and Complete Classifications, and Einstein connections and involutions via parabolic geometries and coauthored Thinking inside the box: using and controlling an Oracle AI, Einstein Metrics with Anisotropic Boundary Behavior, Molecular similarity including chirality, and ElectroShape: fast molecular similarity calculations incorporating shape, chirality, and electrostatics. Read the full list of his publications!
Stuart is bilingual in French and English with conversational German. Watch Thinking inside the box: using and controlling an Oracle AI. Read his blog.