Advisory Board

Steven Jorgenson

Steven Jorgenson is Partner at Space Finance Group and Portfolio Manager at Viridian Fund, a Florida-based hedge fund specializing in equity options trading.
Space Finance Group is dedicated to connecting companies, institutions and entrepreneurs involved in commercial space and space development with forward-looking individual investors and institutions, and with crowdfunding opportunities.
Steven has eleven years of professional money management experience at the institutional level, having previously worked for trading firms at the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, as a Member of the Chicago Stock Exchange, and as Portfolio Manager of a private corporate bond fund.
He is also a Director of the Space Literacy Foundation, a member of the Space Angels Network, an active angel investor in space-related businesses, and is eager to apply his financial and business expertise directly to the challenges of the New Space industry.
Steven graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2001 with double majors in Bacteriology and Biology, as well as a Certificate of Business.
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