Advisory Board

Stephen Gantz

Stephen Gantz is Cofounder and President of Grainster and a member of their Board of Directors. He also serves on the Board of Directors at Rice Life, Inc. and AdvancingX. He is a charismatic impact investor accomplished in executing creative business strategy and executive team formation in a wide range of global industries. He is exceptionally skilled at concept focus and workflow efficiency strategy.

Grainster, an Arkansas startup, envisions changing the world of agriculture by giving farmers and buyers worldwide the ability to trade grain directly with one another through a secure online platform. It was founded on the belief that no one knows better the true value of food than the farmer who grows it and the people who eat it. Food should not be exploited so that the people producing it cannot afford to continue producing it, and the people consuming it cannot afford to buy it.

In 2014, Stephen invested in Grainster, LLC, and immediately began developing strategic business networks. Today Stephen serves as President and continues to develop and maintain global alliances and partnerships. Its mission is to offer a new platform to the agricultural commodity marketplace that is global and transparent, connecting farmers and buyers directly through its revolutionary trading platform.

Stephen also serves as an advisor to the board of Advancing X, a space-based human behavioral research organization, applying human behavior research findings into actionable measures to support team outcomes. Their mission is to continue identifying the most important human factors known to influence team success and team decision making.

In 2016, he founded Swarm Could Nano (now Grainster Labs), a company tasked with building drones and robotics utilizing state of the art materials and power systems to mitigate and reverse the effects of climate change, invasive species, and chemical pesticide use.

Stephen started his professional career in 1999 with the establishment of his first company, a nationwide anesthesia service provider. He served as President of the company, responsible for business development, operations, and employee pension accounts. In 2014 he founded and led the company Rainmaker Capital Partners as CEO. Success in the business led to investment into equity and bond markets which allowed him to make his first investment into Grainster.

His latest company is called Rice Life, a brand that gives a voice and identity to those associated with producing the number one food crop in the world!

Stephen is decisive, focused, and results-driven. His personal motto is: “You plant it, I’ll make it rain.

View his LinkedIn profile. Follow him on Twitter. Visit his Grainster homepage . Visit Rice Life Instagram profile.