Advisory Board

Stephen DeMeulenaere

Stephen DeMeulenaere is Founder/Coordinator at the Complementary Currency Resource Center.
Stephen has 15 years international experience with a focus on SE Asia, Rural Economic, Financial, Credit Union and Cooperative Development, Civic and Voter Education, Agri-Business, Supply Chains, Grants Program Management, Indonesian, Canadian & Dutch NGOs + UNDP, UNFAO, and US AID-DAI.
Stephen has been working with complementary currency systems for the past 20 years, starting first in Canada, then in Mexico, Argentina, Japan, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and East Timor.
He has presented at Universities in Berkeley, California; Weimar, Germany; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Victoria, Canada; Bangkok, Thailand; Lyon, France; and in Jakarta, Indonesia, and at conferences in Mumbai, Dakar, Paris, Buenos Aires, and many other places.
His work has been featured in “The Future of Money” by Bernard Lietaer, “The End of Money and the Future of Civilization” by Thomas Greco, in “Healthy Money, Healthy Planet” by Diedre Kent, and in numerous other publications and articles.
Stephen has experience working with a wide variety of institutions, including the United Nations, financial institutions, community-based organizations, cooperatives, and governments.
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