Advisory Board

Sotira Trifourki

Sotira Trifourki is Founder and CEO of Artemis Space Technologies and Founder and Director of Cyprus Space Office.

Sotira has been a Team Member of Synergy Moon Official Lunax X Team for almost six years. A team that was one of the 5 finalist teams (out of 29) when the Google Lunax competition ended. She is the ESO Science Outreach Network Representative for Cyprus. She is also the Festival Director for the Cypress Science Festival.

She is an innovation facilitator with expertise in convening systems of stakeholders around complex networks, building connections between companies, researchers, government agencies, and NGOs throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the U.K.

Sotira started her career as a research scientist and has spent 15 years supporting businesses, social enterprises, and entrepreneurs with business development and new market strategies. Sotira earned her BSc in Astrophysics from the University of Manchester.

She authored Call for Participation – Come join us at Spaceup Manchester.

Sotira has two twitter profiles: ArtemisSpace and CyprusSpace. Read her LinkedIn profile.