Advisory Board

Dr. Sorin Paraoanu

Sorin Paraoanu, Ph.D. has studied at the University of Bucharest (diploma in physics 1994, diploma in philosophy 1995, DSA/licentiate in physics 1995) and at the University of Urbana-Champaign (M.Sc. 1999, Ph.D. 2001).
Sorin has held research positions at the Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering in Bucharest, and at the University of Jyväkylä (Finland), where he has been employed as post-doc, Marie Curie fellow, adjunct professor, and Academy research fellow (since 2005). Currently he is a senior scientist in the Low Temperature Laboratory at Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland). His main research interests include quantum gases, quantum computing with superconducting qubits, and nanomagnetism.
He authored Evolution of fragmented states, and How Do Schrödinger Cats Die?, and Localization of the relative phase via measurements, and coauthored Enhancement of sudden death of entanglement for driven qubits, Fidelity for Multimode Thermal Squeezed States, Decay of entanglement in coupled, driven systems with bipartite decoherence, Generation and propagation of entanglement in driven coupled-qubit systems, Measurement-induced entanglement of two superconducting qubits, Fabrication of Nb-based superconducting single electron transistor.