Advisory Board

Sofiane Delloue, M.A.

Sofiane Delloue, M.A. is founder of New Life company, an invitation-based life enhancement platform for innovators who seek excitement in interacting with upcoming cultures, technologies, and evolutions in economic models. His passions are tribal marketing, blockchain, and digital cultures.

Sofiane also assists as Lecturer at the University of Economics in Prague, where he is assisting Professor Jakub Jedlinsky at his blockchain macroeconomics class program.

He is an early investor and has a lot of interest in Bitcoin, as it offers more transparency and fairness in the monetary system.

In 2006, Sofian cofounded Caroline Daily, a lifestyle-driven online community where more than 100k members are sharing blog posts, products, and information about fashion and contemporary culture. The magazine is also contributive and has 30+ new and established talents posting editorials.

Between 2011 and 2016, he was working as CEO at The Global Village. This is a full service digital agency specializing in culture-driven content marketing and advanced technologies surrounding computer vision and artificial intelligence. They specialized in lifestyle industries and built technology and marketing with Vogue Paris, Guo Pei, Faith Connexion,, Yoox Group, and many others.

Sofiane Delloue is a self-taught, self-educated, and self-directed learner. He calls himself an autodidact, as opposed to learning in school setting from a tutor. Later on he earned his Master of Arts in Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

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