Advisory Board

Dr. Soenke Ziesche

Soenke Ziesche, Ph.D. has worked for the United Nations since 2000 in the humanitarian and recovery sector and also in information management in Gaza, New York, Colombo (post-tsunami), Islamabad (post-earthquake), Blue Nile State (Sudan), and, most recently, in Benghazi.
Soenke also cofounded, an innovative microblogging approach to document daily achievements. When time between his UN deployments permits, he continues to pursue his studies in AI with a special interest in new technologies and the Singularity.
He authored Social-networking web systems: Opportunities for humanitarian information management, Rationality Training: Call for a Global Approach, Semantic Wikis and Disaster Relief Operations, The Computation of the Informational Status of Discourse Entities, and Formalization of Context within Synphonics and Computations based on it, and coauthored Incremental computation of information structure and its empirical foundation.
Soenke earned his Ph.D. in Natural Sciences from the University of Hamburg with a focus on Cognitive Science and AI.