Advisory Board

Dr. Seth A. Herd

Seth A. Herd, Ph.D. is Research Associate at Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at CU-Boulder.
What is human nature? How can a thinking, feeling, deciding, and conscious mind emerge from dumb matter? How can we improve our lives? These sound like philosophical questions, and yet science is now able to address them. Seth teaches and writes to clarify what’s important in current cognitive science. These issues are informed by his research with artificial neural networks and theories on vision, executive function, and how the brain learns in and over time.
Seth coauthored Neural Mechanisms of Cognitive Control: An Integrative Model of Stroop Task Performance and fMRI Data, Serial visual search from a parallel model, Attentional Blink: An Internal Traffic Jam?, Computational Models of Cognitive Control, Dopamine and Self-Directed Learning, Generalization of Figure-Ground Segmentation from Binocular to Monocular Vision in an Embodied Biological Brain Model, Bidirectional Biological Object Recognition and Figure-Ground Segmentation, and From an Executive Network to Executive Control: A Computational Model of the n-back Task.
Seth earned his Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Colorado in 2005 with the dissertation Mechanisms of Visual Search.
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