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Scott Everhart, M.A.

Scott Everhart, M.A. is Director at Do Nothing Media and author of Attempt to Utilize Cryonics (Second Edition): Why Utilizing Human Cryopreservation Is Ultimately Desirable and Radical Life Extension: Psychological, Metaphysical, and Political Implications.
Do Nothing Media publishes articles, books, art, and videos related to life enrichment, self improvement, social justice, psychological well being, technology and more. Do Nothing Media maintains multiple websites. These include the following:

Scott was previously Mental Health Therapist at LifeWorks NW, Residential Counselor at Sequoia Mental Heath Services, Counselor Intern at Columbia Mental Health, Residential Counselor at Luke-Dorf Inc, Library Assistant at Portland Community College, and Counseling Intern at Cowlitz County Guidance Association.
His articles include SENS and Suicide, Is Eliminating All Human Emotional Suffering Possible?, Creating a Life Worth Living Is Possible, Attempt to Think Clearly About Depression, Solving Problems Can Be a Good Way to Feel Good, Psychiatry and Psychology Can Implicitly Involve Theology and Spirituality, Why Try to Reduce the Frequency of Suicides?, Strategies for Experiencing Maximal Amounts of Subjective Well-Being, and Utilizing Both Courage and Care Can Be Fruitful in Life.
Scott earned his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology at Portland State University in 2007. He earned his Master of Arts (M.A.) in Psychology at Pacific University in 2009.
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