Advisory Board

Sara Jennings

Sara Jennings is Producer at NASA Frontier Development Lab and Founder and Executive Director of The Science Line.
NASA Frontier Development Lab is an applied artificial intelligence research accelerator focused on bringing AI tools to challenges in space science and scientific exploration. Learn more about the intense 8-week concentrated study programme hosted at the SETI Institute and NASA Ames.
Sara founded The Science Line after realizing the untapped potential of combining science, technology, and fashion. A fiscally sponsored nonprofit, TSL aims to inspire youth through S.T.E.M. fashion shows, competitions, educational kits, and hands-on workshops.
Sara was responsible for Programs at Waypaver, Operations at X Prize, and served as Conference Chair for Space Frontier Foundation. She has also worked for the Arizona Challenger Space Center as Special Projects Coordinator.
She earned a Bachelors in Linguistics at the University of Arizona in 2012.
Connect with her on LinkedIn. Listen to her on The Space Show.