Advisory Board

Sanjay Rathee

Sanjay Rathee is Founder of the SDNx Space Development Nexus.
SDNx Space Development Nexus is a global cooperative for professionals, researchers, students and enthusiasts working towards the development of space technologies, space exploration, and space resources.
SDNx collaborates and works on various interdisciplinary projects, participating in constructive technical discussions and shares knowledge resources in a single consortium. They have established SDNx Chapters in the fields of:

  1. Asteroid Mining
  2. Space Colonization
  3. Space Debris
  4. Satellites and Cubesats payload
  5. Rocket Launch Technology
  6. AI and Robotics
SDNx believes in expanding the community, employing more professionals and researchers, and involving more students and enthusiasts to create a better universe.
Sanjay earned his BA in Political Science and Technology at Delhi University in 2001. He earned his PGDCA in Computer Applications Programming at ET&T in 2002.
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