Advisory Board

Sagie Davidovich

Sagie Davidovich is VP R&D at SemantiNet (a state of the art platform for data aware applications, based on a semantic reasoning engine). He lives in the beautiful northern Israeli town Zichron Yaacov with his wife Kira.
Sagie believes the semantic web is a fast track to the Singularity, bridging the gap between human and machine reasoning & knowledge representation. For the past 15 years he’s been busy solving exciting challenges, and in his spare time creating new ones. He’s passionate about AI, computational knowledge representation, mining, and reasoning. Since 2006, Sagie and Kira have been working on a web scale future prediction research project.
Prior to joining SemantiNet, Sagie cofounded and served as the CTO of Delver, a social search engine, which was acquired by Sears in 2009. In 2004 he served as the architect of a large scale award winning expert system based diagnostics project for the defense industry.
Sagie authored A planet of living networks, Brain Machine Interface — It’s coding time, Communicating Like Gods, and Towards a full brain simulation, and coauthored Predicting the News of Tomorrow Using Patterns in Web Search Queries. He has U.S. patent application Social network searching with breadcrumbs.
Read his blog Singularity World. Visit his Facebook page. Read his LinkedIn profile. Follow his Twitter feed.