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Sabinije von Gaffke

Sabinije von Gaffke is Impact Entrepreneur, Broadcast Journalist, TV Host, Speaker, International Moderator, and Communications Expert. She is the Founder of Impactfulness Venture and Head of Sustainability at Nibiru Software. She is an Advocate and Strategic Advisor on social impact and tech-enabled ideas and actions.

Since 2019, as the Founder of an ecosystem Impactfulness Venture, Sabinije has been partnering with impactful, sustainable, and purpose-driven ventures addressing the SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals.

As the Head of Sustainability at Nibiru Software, Sabinije is in a global partnership for Planet IX, a new futuristic NFT strategy game based on the blockchain with the aim to create a better planet of tomorrow where players are incentivized to be Agents of Change.

Sabinije is the spokesperson for WIT (Women in Tech Stockholm) as well as other female leadership networks and was recently named the winner of TV Host of the Year 2022. As the Moderator for Women in Tech 2017, Sabinije’s mission is to inspire talented women to consider a future in the field of technology and she was also nominated Moderator-Speaker of the Year 2017.

Sabinije has been Moderator, Curator, and Global Communicator since 2013, and Freelance Journalist, Reporter, Editor, and Producer as well as Entrepreneur, Communication Expert, and Speaker since 2009. She has been moderating for numerous organizations and businesses for a variety of Conventions, Summits, and Conferences in Tech, ICT, Digital Science, Health, Space, Sustainability, Leadership, and Entertainment.

She has worked for TEDxStockholm, Brilliant Minds Symposium, The National Achievers Conference, Saab, The Swedish Mobile Awards, Nordic Business Forum, The Wisdom Stockholm Conference, Electrolux, Google, Time To Act Fundraising Event for UNHCR, Universal Pictures, and TEDxSödertälje.

In her career to date, Sabinije has interviewed top politicians, highly ranked CEOs, business tycoons, unicorns, celebrities, philanthropists, motivational speakers, and successful entrepreneurs.

Her areas of interest and expertise include AI and Tech, Leadership, The Art of Communication, Facilitator, Storytelling, Interviewer, Coaching, Media Training, Public speaking, Strategic Advisor, and Human Capital.

Sabinije trained in 2019 at Singularity University in Silicon Valley on how to use exponential technologies to create scalable solutions to the global grand challenges of our time. Today she co-hosts the Singularity Chapter in Sweden.

Sabinije is the Founder of The Game Changer Global Initiatives, a catalyst for Social Impact Through Storytelling. It is a tech-enabled platform that aims to select, shed light on, and showcase entrepreneurs, innovations, startups, companies, and solutions that contribute to 17 SDGs.

Sabinije is also a passionate longevity seeker, mindfulness meditator, communicator, and connector who facilitates and bridges dialogue between leaders, stakeholders, corporations, science, academia, and governance cross-industries. She believes that tech coupled with storytelling can improve societies, values, and cultures.

She is currently working on developing and hosting the global tv-interview series The Game Changers and the nordic TV interview series The Grit.

Her global TV series The Game Changers aims at transformational, intelligent, and inspirational conversations with global role models who drive impact, change, and empowerment.

The Game Changer Global Initiatives are bringing together mastermind clusters of the world’s cross-section of thinkers, thought leaders, scientists, and innovators to create awareness, impact, and initiate action on the SDGs.

Sabinije is on the board and leadership council of Vital Voices Europe, a leading NGO founded by Hilary Clinton and Madeleine Albright, that identifies, trains, and empowers emerging women leaders and social entrepreneurs around the globe, enabling them to create a better world.

She is an ambassador as tech profile mentor for the NGO Reach for Change initiative: BRIDGIT — A global network aiming to empower, support, and scale female social entrepreneurs who aim to break the digital divide.

Sabinije is also Cofounder of the global initiative and platform: “Beauty will save the world” and Board Member at Water Project: One Well.

Sabinije graduated in Entrepreneurship and Business Development from Hermods in 2013 and in 2012 in Health and Lifestyle from KUI.

Watch her Showreel and Nomination for Moderator at Speaker of the Year 2017 by Talarforum.

Visit her LinkedIn profile, Pro Motivate page, and UbiVerse profile. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.