Advisory Board

Russell Swanborough

Russell Swanborough is Managing Director at ScIAM Solutions.
Russell is on a mission to improve the informational environment and to transform information systems into highly successful business support 100% of the time. So far, so good.
He drives a team that is dedicated to the new generation of business design, beyond functions and beyond processes into the very intelligence at the core of the org. His team is at the cutting edge of business architectures with immense benefits for corporate or government organizations.
Russell is acknowledged as an international expert on the subject of informational management. He is a founder of the Science of Informational Management (ScIAM). He has worked at an executive level in management consulting since 1988. His speciality is the management of intelligence (incoming information), knowledge (get-at-able information) and strategy (outgoing influences). He specializes in improving corporate performance and R.O.I. based on enhanced internal and external informationals, with particular focus on e-commerce, Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Performance Management Systems (PMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Business Re-engineering and Optimization.
Professional experience includes IBM (10 years), other I/T companies (4 years), telecommunications companies (3 years), and management consultancies (20+ years). During this time he has worked as a Senior Systems Engineer at both IBM and as a cofounder of a major IT company and as a director of international management consultancies. His uniquely developed “Science of Informational Management” approach to this subject has been successfully delivered and proven through various organizations internationally. ScIAM provides the world’s first “know-charts”, these are information management tools that are designed to integrate with traditional “flow charts” and other flow-based tools to provide a complete information picture.
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