Advisory Board

Rosa Alegria, M.S.

Rosa Alegria, M.S. is Co-Chair of the Brazilian Node at The Millennium Project, Research Director of the Futures Group at the Sao Paulo Catholic University, Executive Director of Mercado Etico, the Brazilian Version of Ethical Markets, a multimedia platform on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, created by Hazel Henderson.
Rosa is a consultant and facilitator of innovation and change process, responsible for the initiative and for the white paper called “Women Foresight Study” under the responsibility of the Millennium Project. She represents Latin America in the IFG International Foresight Group based in Germany and also is Latin American research associate of the Kairos Institute based in Sweden. She is Member of the international editorial board of Shaping Tomorrow, a trends website originated in England.
Together with Thais Corral (CEMINA – Center of Women Studies — Rio, Brazil) and Hazel Henderson, she coordinated the ICONS 2003 International Conference on Indicators of Quality of Life and Sustainability, held in Curitiba, Brazil. She also coordinated the 2004 Millennium Project Planning Committee in Sao Paulo, followed by the International Conference Tech Futures.
Rosa is a consultant for several business foresight projects, such as NIC — Shared Intelligence Group, a multiclient research studying the future of the consumerism and the Cooperative Advantage as the new frontier of economic development. She is a media activist, cofounder of the Movement Media for Peace and member of IVOHOPE — Images and Voices of Hope. She is Editor of the trends newsletter Radar 21.
Rosa earned her Master of Sciences — Studies of the Future at the University of Houston in 2004.
Watch The future is now: Rosa Alegria at TEDxVilaMadá (Portuguese). View her Facebook page. Read her LinkedIn profile. Follow her Twitter feed.