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Dr. Roland Schiefer

Roland Schiefer, Ph.D. is author of All In The Mind.
For thousands of years, humans have tried to understand how the world works and then used their understanding to build tools that helped them to shape the world according to their desires. This led to the agricultural revolution approximately 10,000 years ago and to the industrial revolution approximately 200 years ago.
Our knowledge of how the human brain works is rapidly increasing and some people will use that knowledge to change the way their own brains work according to their desires — to make themselves more intelligent, to feel permanently happy or to change their desires.
Users of mind enhancement will be much more powerful than those who refuse to use it — and will soon determine the political game.
Roland was born in 1951 in Vienna and earned his MSc in Biophysics and his Ph.D. in Medicine.
Following work in environmental physiology at the German Institute for Aerospace Medicine, he developed energy supply planning tools at the Pestel Institute in Hanover, Germany, performed contract research work, including physiological telemetry systems, image processing, environmental effects on mental performance and facet analysis at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa, was cofounder and director of an internet-based education company, and an independent consultant for electronic commerce systems.
His broad interdisciplinary experience serves as the basis for his current work on the challenges and opportunities of mind enhancement.
Roland is author of the paper Should We Build a Trustworthiness Tester for Fun? Visit his Facebook page. Read his blog.