Advisory Board

Dr. Robert L. Blum

Robert L. Blum, M.D., Ph.D. is the author of Let the AIs, not us, formulate a billion-year plan!
Bob was a Research Associate and Principal Investigator in the Stanford University Computer Science Department until 1986.
He developed an AI program (the RX Project) that automated the discovery of medical knowledge from large clinical databases. The project achieved worldwide recognition.
Bob is also a Board-certified Internist and Emergency Physician. Since retiring from ER practice in 2007, he has returned to Stanford University, working to integrate AI and cognitive neuroscience.
His Ph.D. from Stanford is in computer science and biostatistics. He was also in an M.D., Ph.D. program in neuroscience at the University of California in San Francisco. He has a bachelor’s in mathematics from MIT, where he was a classmate of Ray Kurzweil.
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