Advisory Board

Rob Chamberlain, MBA

Rob Chamberlain, MBA is Bitcoin Economics and Alternative Finance/Investment Consultant at BGMCo and on the Advisory Board at Cryptor Trust Inc.
Though he has studied and practiced in many fields of Anthropology, over the years, he has always found himself interested with Monetary Tokens, Monetary Systems, Systems of Trade and Exchange, Economics, Finance, Investment, Commerce, and the like, which lead him to the Sub-Field that he is, primarily, engaged in: Economic Anthropology.
Rob has been with “the Business, Guidance, Management, and Consulting Company [BGMCO]”, a Private and Independent Anthropological Consultancy, since 1998. BGMCO specializes in: DHI, DSIT, Business Intelligence, Strategy and Tactics.
He joined Lifeboat Foundation in Q4 of 2013.
Rob’s academic and real world expertise is broad and deep; and, encompasses the following fields of anthropology:

  1. Cultural and Sociological Anthropology; Including: Sociocultural; Humanism; Psychological; Behavioral; Organizational; Technological; Futurist and Trans-Humanist; Political; and, Legal. As well as: DHI — Dynamic Human Intelligence; and, DSIT — Dynamic Social Interaction Theoretics (Vanguard of and to Game Theory).
  2. Economic Anthropology; Including: Commercial, Business, Consumer, Finance, and Investment AAOMI (AAOMI = Assessment, Analysis, Overview, Monitoring and Intelligence); Strategic and Tactical AAOMI; Precious Metals, Trinity Investments, and Resource AAOMI and POI (POI = Perspectives, Opinions, and Insights). [As of Q1 2013 — BGMCO began providing Cryptocurrency & BlockChain Technology Anthropological AAOMI: addressing such technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other Projects].
  3. Ecological Anthropology; Including: Resource Sufficiency and Sustainability AAOMI; E.L.E., Natural, and Human Crisis & Disaster Planning, Mitigation & Management AAOMI; Human & Commercial Environmental Impact AAOMI; and, Environmental Preservation and Remediation AAOMI.
In addition to his Advisory Role at Cryptor Trust Inc., he is seated to 3 Advisory Boards at the Lifeboat Foundation. These include: (1) The New Money Systems Board, (2) The Social Factors Board, and (3) The Human-NonHuman Relations Board.
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