Advisory Board

Riva-Melissa Tez, M.Phil.

Riva-Melissa Tez, M.Phil. is Consultant at Kardashev Communications, Founder at Berlin Singularity, and Cofounder at StickStar.
With a team in Berlin and consultants in the US, Kardashev Communications is helping NBIC tech focused US companies break into Europe with a focus on Germany. Their understanding of the difference in national markets, financing, laws, and public awareness allows them to help companies achieve global communications via media, events, campaigns, and fundraising.
The Berlin Singularity group focuses on bringing and promoting NBIC, transhumanist, and futurist discussions to Europe through school, university and startup networked projects and events.
StickStar is an online sticker-themed social network for kids with the unique proposition of providing addictive fun, intrinsic learning, and non-stop creativity. In other words it’s a place kids will love and parents will love their kids to play.
Riva was previously Lecturer at DAB University Berlin and Cofounder at R.S. Currie & Co.
Riva earned her Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) at University College London, University of London in 2011.
Read Time and the Transhuman Condition, Riva-Melissa Tez | West London Living, and I Love You: “My personal trainer used to call me the Tasmanian devil”. View her Facebook page. Read her LinkedIn profile. Follow her Twitter feed.