Advisory Board

Rio Mohan Dluzak, MSc

Rio Mohan Dluzak, MSc is a lifelong entrepreneur and science advocate who is driven by her passion for neuroscience, applying current advances and innovating future applications to achieve real-world impact. She serves on the board of the Institute of Neuro Innovation, where she has helped develop the organization’s education program, which supports her personal goal of making neuroscience education more accessible to the public. She also serves as Bay Area Chapter President of Science Debate, which is dedicated to elevating science and engineering policy issues in our national political dialogue.

Rio has a very impressive background when it comes to volunteering. She has volunteered for both the San Francisco Boys and Girls Choir. Along with volunteering at the French American International School where she has held numerous positions.

Rio has worked tirelessly on the following projects:

  • INI presents, A Night of Nostalgia, The Institute of Neuro Innovation presents our annual fundraising gala, “A Night of Nostalgia”. This year’s theme is in honor of those affected by memory impairments, including those with sports related trauma, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Neurovella, The science being developed into NeuroVella combines current and future algorithms developed to enhance neuro vitality by exploring the effects of creativity, imagination, art, meditation and mental focus on the aging, memory and cognitive processes. Of particular interest is the effects through research studies on the actual brain structure at the molecular, cellular, or ‘nano’ scale.
  • Everybody Thinks!, An INI education program geared towards elementary school-aged kids, Everybody Thinks! connects neuroscientists and neuroscience students with classrooms starting at the pre-K level. The program is designed to introduce kids to basic neuroanatomy while teaching them the importance of taking care of their brain.
  • Stand in My Shoes, Executive Producer Team, Stand In My Shoes is a crowd-fueled social change film about exposing what President Barack Obama coined the “Empathy Deficit” in our world, and the global hunt for social revolutionaries dedicated to creating a counter-movement of kindness.

Rio earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Psychology in 2002 from the University of California Berkeley and her Masters of Science at Minerva Schools at KGI.

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