Advisory Board

Richard Campanha

Richard Campanha has volunteered to be Civil Engineering Unit at United States Coast Guard and Researcher at Mars Foundation.
Richard has:

  • Developed computer simulations of various chemical plants capable of producing propellant and life support gas from the ambient Martian Atmosphere.
  • Worked with Aero/Astro and Chemical engineering departments to achieve results.
  • Handled proprietary information and sensitive in house experimental data.
  • Submitted results of simulations to NASA for the Concept Evaluation and Refinement committee for the future manned missions to Mars and the Moon.
Richard earned his Bachelors of Science in Mathematics with a Minor in Physics and Astronomy at Florida International University in 2008. He participated in the MIT Summer Research Program (MSRP) in 2005 where he had undergraduate research experience with the Aeronautical/Astronautical Department. He investigated In-Situ Resource Utilization on the Martian surface and created a MatLab simulation capable of comparing Methane and Reverse Water Gas Shift reactors.
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