Advisory Board

Rhiannon A.E Zivkovic

Rhiannon A.E Zivkovic is president of the Institute of Exponential Sciences and a business woman in the biotech and longevity space. She’s been interested in science, particularly astronomy and biology, from a very young age. Her greatest passions are cognitive augmentation and life extension, two endeavors she remains deeply committed to to this day. She is also especially interested in applications of augmented reality and hyperreality, which she believes have incredible potential for improving our lives.
Rhiannon strongly believes in interdisciplinarity, and her studies span biomedical science, innovation science and business economics, which she studied at the University of Utrecht. She also has a background in psychology, which she previously studied at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. She is an entrepreneur, having founded several companies, including Ascendance Group, Inovium Labs and Sapiens Biolabs. She currently works as business development director for the Molecular Reality Corporation. She is also available as a consultant for start-and-scaleups in the longevity and biomedical field.
She believes that raising capital and investing in technology and education is the best route to facilitate change. Embracing scientific transhumanism and long-term approach to problems, she combines scientific inquiry with pragmatic realpolitik and careful optimism. Finally, she is a proponent of LGBT rights and cyber/techno/xenofeminist thought. Inspired by the luminary Shulamith Firestone, she is a gender abolitionist who believes advanced bioengineering technologies are the only definite solution for sex-and-gender related issues in society.
In 2011, she cofounded the Arma’thwynn society, a Dutch student group of young academics with a techno-positive outlook interested in improving the human condition. In 2015, she was elected president of the Institute of Exponential Sciences, which was founded by ex-members of said society as part of a pull to move beyond student politics and professionalize the organization. As president of the board, she has managed and funded the organization of several lectures and various events in the Netherlands, including the great D.N.A conference, the biggest conference on human gene therapies in Europe at the time. She has given several lectures about technology, ethics, and future studies at several different locations including Leiden University.
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