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Raoul Katovsky

Raoul Katovsky is Group President & Chief Executive Officer of SpacePortLeisure WorldGroup.
SpacePortLeisure was born out of a vision for a futuristic experience that would blend 100% entertainment and 100% education and a desire to communicate and share with everyone the wonders of the universe and mankind’s interaction with space. Over the last 11 years SpacePortLeisure has grown from this vision and today is the result of very extensive international investigatory market research and in-depth concept and business development and team building.
SpacePortLeisure is developing world-class “next generation” space, science, and technology theme parks, hotels, and mixed-use lifestyle urban city destinations, which provide a “space tourism experience” on Planet Earth for those unable to travel into space. The evolving global business, with a focus on China and Western Europe, where it is building significant footprints, spans these lines of businesses.
SpacePortLeisure aims to build a not-for-profit institute for space, science, and technology education that will be attached to each theme park and provide learners with a stimulating environment in which to learn.
To turn their vision into realty, they have assembled a highly professional international SpacePortLeisure Team which includes rocket scientists, theme-park experts, animators, film producers, special effects experts, designers, and architects.
Raoul earned his B.Com in Business/Accounting at the University of Cape Town in 1967.
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