Advisory Board

Randolph (Randy) Shelly

Randolph (Randy) Shelly is Owner of, Space Habitat Group and President of Raedwulf Space and Defence Inc, PMP Certified.’s mission is to promote, enable, and direct the construction of large space habitats. These habitats will have artificial gravity and may be used for many activities, including space manufacturing, space tourism, scientific experiments, technology demos, and as mother ships for interplanetary exploration.
Raedwulf Space and Defence’s recent projects include the Sapphire surveillance of space satellite system, the SCISAT atmospheric chemistry science satellite, and the ePop suite of plasma instruments on board the Cassiope satellite.
Randy was previously Project Manager for the Sapphire Space Surveillance Satellite System at Department of National Defence, Project Manager and Technical Manager at CSA, and Project Manager at Canadian Astronautics.
His patents include High frequency output inductor for inverter power supply, Forced load sharing circuit for inverter power supply, Loss compensation regulation for an inverter power supply, Fast switching field effect transistor driver circuit, Rectifier-converter power supply with multi-channel flyback inverter, Non-dissipative battery charge circuit, Fast/slow acting current limited for inverter power supply, Voltage regulation loop for inverter power supply, and Inverter power supply capable of operation at high frequencies.
Randy earned his BASc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo.
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