Advisory Board

Rand Simberg, MSE

Rand Simberg, MSE is Adjunct Scholar at Competitive Enterprise Institute, Freelancer at Popular Mechanics, and President at Interglobal Space Lines.
Rand is an expert on space technology and policy, particularly with regard to NASA and commercial human spaceflight. He has published lengthy essays on these topics at The New Atlantis, and done many columns for Fox News, Popular Mechanics, AOL News, and Pajamas Media. With over three decades of experience, including many years in aerospace engineering and project management at the Aerospace Corporation and Rockwell International Corporation in Los Angeles, he has been recognized as an expert in space transportation by the Office of Technology Assessment.
He also has consulted, to space businesses from startups to major corporations, on space systems engineering, business planning, and business development, including Kelly Space and Technology, the Boeing Corporation, ARES, XCOR Aerospace, Masten Space Technologies, and others. He is the former editor of The Space Activists Handbook, and served as a technical editor for many proposals and technical reports. He is currently working on a book on space technology and policy.
A native of Flint, Michigan, he has multiple engineering degrees from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and an MSE in technical management from West Coast University in Los Angeles.
Rand’s articles and papers include Homesteading the Final Frontier, Evoloterra — When We First Left Planet Earth, Big Government’s Final Frontier, In Memoriam, How Crony Capitalism is Undermining the Space Program, Elon Musk on SpaceX’s Reusable Rocket Plans, and The Constellation Empire Strikes Back.
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