Advisory Board

Priscila Chaves Martínez

Priscila Chaves Martínez is Cofounder and Director of Innova10x and Mid-Market Manager at Cognitiva, an IBM Watson Strategic Partner.
Innova10x Innovation Labs focuses on enhancing Latin America’s readiness for the job market of the future. Cognitiva provides cognitive computing solutions to improve lives of people in the region and develops IBM Watson’s capabilities in Latin America. Their mission is improving the livelihood of people in the region and transforming the way decisions are made.
Priscila is driven by the desire to prepare Latin America for the future and backed by over twelve years of experience. She fosters disruptive learning, dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystems, and the technology to scale the impact. She is the leader of the SingularityU San Jose Chapter.
In 2008 she graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Costa Rica. She is also a 2016 graduate of Singularity University.
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