Advisory Board

Plamen Dragozov, MSc

Plamen Dragozov earned his MSc degree in Solid State Physics at the Sofia University, Bulgaria in 2002 with his project “Building a P2P framework for distributed scientific computing” based on JXTA. Later he worked shortly on applying the framework in the research of gravitational waves.
Plamen started his career as software engineer in 1999 and first worked on a few enterprise projects typical for the .com times. In 2001 he moved to the engineering team of the Japanese hedge fund EIFUKU and developed software for managing, executing and simulating trading sessions and for supporting the IT infrastructure of the fund. Later he worked on a few applications for the emerging mobile market in Japan and then moved to game development for mobile phones.
In 2004 he joined TKO Software, a games company based in Dublin, Ireland and soon became the Director of engineering at their mobile department. The company was later acquired by Popcap Games and Plamen is currently director at the Dublin studio, building and managing the engineering teams of their mobile and localization departments.
In his free time Plamen splits his work between interests in computer sciences, bioengineering, medicine and electronic trading.