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Philip Rhoades

The article Scientist celebrates cold snap decision said

AUSTRALIA’S first cryogenic centre will be built by a scientist who wants to deep-freeze his parents and himself after they die.
Biologist Philip Rhoades has won approval from health authorities to build the complex — believed to be only the third in the world.
Mr. Rhoades, 54, told the Herald Sun he believed future medical advances would bring them back to life in coming centuries.
He has already spent $650,000 developing plans for underground storage at Cowra, 200km west of Sydney, and hopes to start building on the 60ha site within six months.
“My parents are both science types, like me, and with my siblings are interested in this great experiment,” Mr. Rhoades said.

Philip Rhoades
Cryonics laboratory
Philip Rhoades has a BSc (1976, University of New South Wales – Genetics/Zoology). From 1979–1984 he was enrolled part-time at UNSW in a MSc degree (Pathology – unfinished). He is currently completing a part-time PhD in Population Genetics (computer simulations).
Early in his career he was involved in Haemophilia research however he has now been in the IT industry for over 20 years. During this time he has completed a couple of years of a Computer Science degree and subjects from a Post-Graduate Diploma in Computational Science and other non-degree computer courses.
Phil is currently a director in a number of companies involved in IT, Life Extension Villages, BioMedical electronic monitoring, Suspended Animation Research and has interests in all technologies that improve the quality and duration of human life.
He has also had a life-long commitment to improving the quality of life for as many other people on the planet as possible which has included activism in: anti war, anti nuclear weapons/energy, pro natural environment, anti organized religion, pro science and other progressive political areas.
His general world view is that human technology, while providing lots of useful things has been devastating the world’s biodiversity for thousands of years (particularly the last 200 years). This trend is not sustainable but it is only relatively recently that we have had the technological means for catastrophic self-destruction on a global scale.
Phil believes that Homo sapiens has no choice but to dramatically change it’s behavior and start making fact-based political decisions to start solving some monumental problems determining the survival of the species.
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