Advisory Board

Dr. Perry B. Monroe II

Perry B. Monroe II, BFA, MA, Ph.D. became interested in Near Earth Objects several years ago after getting to know Dr. Tom Jones who coauthored a paper for the Space Explorers Association in 2008. As a scientific outsider he believed this subject was not getting the correct information to the public that really needed to know about NEOs. At present most of the detection systems depend on private donations and all of the active deflection groups depend completely on private donations. The majority of the public does not even know what a NEO is and those that do believe they only come in one size BIG.
In the paper coauthored by Dr. Jones it stated that education and information plays an important role in making the system work. Our media has worked against us in a way not predicted with our age of free information. Most of the information and work on NEOs is kept within the scientific community and it needs to be exposed to the nonscientific public. Due to the lack of correct public information if you are not a credited scientist working on NEOs you are excluded from taking an active part in the field. He wants to use his degrees in the field of Fine Arts and Literature to get the word out to the public so we can make a positive change for our future. The Lifeboat Foundation offers an open forum for the exchange of ideas.
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