Advisory Board

Paul Quaiser

Paul Quaiser is Chairman, Founder at Human Sustainability Institute and Principal at Q Enterprises.
Paul, Founder of the Human Sustainability Institute (HSI), champions an innovative strategy to address the crucial aspect of any sustainability project: the Human Potential Factor in the Global Sustainability Equation. His project-specific assessment methodology integrates multiple disciplines known to boost human engagement. Blending project management expertise, innovative technology, quantum physics-based environmental controls, and work-motivating drivers for productivity, he offers this approach as a world business leader. His enthusiasm for responsible management of human potential examples for us: a “new frontier of sustainability”. By harnessing evidence-based schemata, addressing specific variables, HSI approaches the “best of the best” in strategizing truly “sustainable” sustainability projects.
He consults and coaches internationally for organizations and individuals with a focus on integrating contemporary principles from Biophysics, Resilience Psychophysiology, Neuroscience and Biomimicry with Ancient Wisdoms. His team also designs and implements Social Enterprise Systems linking Industry with Social/Environmental Impact Initiatives. His practice culminates in Travel Adventures and Introspective Retreats that explore nature’s wonders while stretching the boundaries of clients’ comfort zones.
Paul utilizes the Human Insight Assessment system for Organizational Design and Performance. And HSI is developing an individual and group biophysics immersion system for bio-harmonic calibration and amplification. This system accesses and interacts with the information-energy aspect of human function. This technology has multiple benefits to human wellness while stimulating higher levels of consciousness. He utilizes modalities from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in combination with simulations developed in the field of Experiential Education. He accesses a team of professionals spanning NASA Health Sciences, Extreme Sport Psychophysiologists, Cybernetic Technologists, along with Leaders in Human Optimization and Wellness.
He is currently working with the NASA OMEGA project to commercialize its application along global coastal areas for wastewater reclamation, aquaculture, nutraceutical, and biofuel production.
Paul was a Partner at Snow Range Hospitalists, Led a Community Development and Wellness Project implementing his Social Enterprise Platform, and was an Executive at AT&T/Lucent/Bell Labs strategically positioning and transitioning systems and technologies (Skunkworks) into the commercial and public domain.
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