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Dr. Patrizia Anna d’Alessio

Patrizia Anna d’Alessio, MD Haematologist, PhD in Haemorheology is academic lecturer and research Associate Professor at Universities Paris René Descartes and Paris Sud since 1997. She is also author of La Sinuosité du vivant.
Patrizia has always been attracted by the apparent psychological origin of disease and after having found confirmation of this hypothesis clinically, she spent over 20 years looking at cellular stress in an in vitro model mimicking the micro-inflammatory stress. She has worked in haemorheology, cell biology, adhesive molecule immune research, nitric oxide biology, and cytoskeleton physics. She has been a consultant for Pfizer and Merck, Sanofi and l’Oréal.
She researches active strategies to make aging negligible including an anti-inflammatory approach. As a vascular biology expert / endothelial cell specialist, she has elaborated her own concept of anti-inflammatory and anti-senescence actives, which she has patented, as well as the molecules corresponding to her selection criteria (3 patents filed).
Following the Award of the Ministry of research and Technology of France for Innovative Research in 2005, she founded AISA Therapeutics, a startup company promoting the research and development of anti-inflammatory / anti-senescence molecules. One of these molecules and its major metabolite have been validated for their anti-inflammatory activity in pre-clinical models in rodents and have shown impressive anti-pain and anti-stress activity now being developed as cotreatment in cardiovascular disease.
Patrizia lectures intensively on the role of stress on health and disease and the role of inflammation in response to non-pathological stress in degenerative diseases and aging. Since 2000, in collaboration with UNESCO and the “Collége International de Philosophie” she has organized interdisciplinary congresses (“Plato and Tensegrity”, “La question des origines”, and “Alerte du Corps”). The proceedings have been published by UNESCO eds, in 2002 and 2003 and Brepols 2005. She has contributed to the “Dictionnaire du corps” PUF 2007 with the chapter “The cell”.
She is peer reviewer of Experimental Journal of Gerontology and Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, editorial board member of Bentham Science Publishers, expert of the “Tribunal Grande Instance” (TGI) for Rare Inflammatory Diseases and Member of the European Society of Cardiology’s Working Group 18 on Thrombosis. She is a founding member (2007) of the “W-BIM” (Women Business Innovation Management) to promote the innovative contribution of women in biotechnology.
Patrizia speaks, writes and thinks in Italian, German, French, Dutch and English. Watch her SENS3 presentation “AISA (Anti-Inflammatory Senescence Actives) 5203-L molecule to promote healthy aging and prolongation of lifespan”.
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