Advisory Board

Dr. Patrik M. D’haeseleer

Patrik M. D’haeseleer, Ph.D. is Computational Biologist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Research Scientist at the Joint Bioenergy Institute, Community Projects Coordinator at BioCurious, Scientific Advisor at Blue Nomad Foundation, and Scientific Advisor at Glowing Plant.
His papers include Genetic network inference: from co-expression clustering to reverse engineering, A phylogeny-driven genomic encyclopaedia of Bacteria and Archaea, Linear modeling of mRNA expression levels during CNS development and injury, An Immunological Approach to Change Detection: Algorithms, Analysis, and Implications, How does gene expression clustering work?, Automated modeling of signal transduction networks, Deep-Sea Oil Plume Enriches Indigenous Oil-Degrading Bacteria, and Microbial genotype–phenotype mapping by class association rule mining.
His patents include Method of cell placement for an integrated circuit chip comprising integrated placement and cell overlap removal, Optimal pad location method for microelectronic circuit cell placement, and Method and apparatus for computing minimum wirelength position (MWP) for cell in cell placement for integrated circuit chip.
Patrik earned his M.E. in Electrical Engineering at the Katholieke Industriele Hogeschool Oost-Vlaanderen in 1988. He earned his M.S. in Electrical Engineering at Universiteit Gent in 1991. He earned his M.S. in Computer Science at Stanford University in 1993. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science at The University of New Mexico in 2000. He completed his Postdoctoral work in Computational Biology at Harvard Medical School in 2004.
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