Advisory Board

Dr. Patrick K. Takahashi

Patrick K. Takahashi, Ph.D. is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Director Emeritus with the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute of the University of Hawaii, former professor of engineering, and the recent author of Simple Solutions for Planet Earth and Simple Solutions for Humanity.
Pat cofounded the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research, where his team initiated projects in open cycle OTEC and methanol from biomass. He helped draft original bills in the U.S. Senate on hydrogen, wind power, and ocean thermal energy conversion. He worked for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on laser fusion and sustainable resources and for the NASA Ames Research Center on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
He was awarded the Bechtel Energy Award by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Spark Matsunaga Memorial Award by the National Hydrogen Association, and the Ocean Pioneer Award by the Ocean Energy Council. He has published a wide number of articles in the Huffington Post.
Pat earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Stanford University and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Louisiana State University. Read Pat’s blog Simple Solutions for Planet Earth and Humanity. Visit his Facebook page.