Advisory Board

Dr. Patrick Ehlen

Patrick Ehlen, Ph.D. is Head of Deep Learning at Loop AI Labs and author of Apocalypse or Golden Age: What machine intelligence will do to us.
Loop AI Labs helps machines understand the world so they can connect people and things. Founded in San Francisco, the company combines techniques in deep learning and classical symbolic reasoning to create a next generation machine intelligence that continually learns about people and things in the world, and acquires new concepts from experience like a person would.
Patrick’s patents include System and method of handling problematic input during context-sensitive help for multi-modal dialog systems, Multimodal augmented reality for location mobile information service, and System and method of context-sensitive help for multi-modal dialog systems.
He was previously Principal Member of Technical Staff at AT&T; Research Scientist at AT&T Interactive; Research Engineer at Stanford University; Interface Development / Evaluation Consultant at Voice Enabled Services Research Laboratory, AT&T Research; Usability Intern at Dragon Systems; Technical Specialist at Goldman Sachs; and Document Specialist at Lazard.
Patrick earned his B.A. in English Lit, Psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder in 1992. He earned his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology at The New School in 2005. He also authored Frantz Fanon: A Spiritual Biography.
Read his LinkedIn profile and his ResearchGate profile. Follow his Twitter feed.