Advisory Board

Pascal Wicht

Pascal Wicht is a Senior Design Strategist & Consultant.
With 18 years of Swiss and international experience, Pascal provides an expert-level leadership in the alignment of design strategies with business objectives into multi-touchpoint experiences and services.
Specialized in innovation strategies, he is working mainly upstream of the adoption curve, and is recognized for his enthusiastic and inspiring leadership.
Pascal has successfully worked with a wide variety of companies, from Fortune 500 to startups and medium-sized enterprises to develop the right trajectories in times of rapid change.
His solid experience of design principles and production techniques comes along with a sharp understanding of business and market context. As a designer, he believes his most valuable asset is to be a good listener, able to understand people with great empathy.
Having spent the majority of his life traveling and working throughout Asia and Africa, he has gained an immense amount of cultural experience that has enriched both his outlook and ability to thrive in different professional and social settings.
Pascal was previously Creative director at ENIGMA prod SARL, Entrepreneur — Art director at rdB/5, Graphic designer, cofounder at Kryzalid, Web designer at Ringier, and Junior Graphic designer at Creative Resources.
He won the Grand Creation Prize 2013 for the category “Corporate Identity” with the EPFL Alumni generative identity system.
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