Advisory Board

Pablo Kohan

Pablo Kohan is a socially sustainable entrepreneur who is Founding Partner and CEO at 3Global Green. and Consultant at EDIA School of Design, Engineering and Architecture of TEC del Monterrey Campus City.
3Global Green is the first Latin American holding of innovation companies and specialized processes in MSW (solid urban waste) for the manufacture of new products. Let 3Global Green add value to garbage to stop contaminating our planet and stop using raw materials that come from nonrenewable sources.
Pablo is innovating in the manufacturing process of new products including:

  • Recycled cellulose from multilayer packaging for the creation of packaging and products for the agricultural industry, supplanting the existing ones made of Unicel expandable polystyrene.
  • Poly-Aluminum recycled from multilayer containers for the manufacture of bio-climatic sheets.
  • Recycled rubber from tires to incorporate into hydraulic concrete or the manufacture of rugs.
  • Recycled steel from tires for the manufacture of profiles.
  • Recycled polyethylene from greenhouses for the manufacture of different products.
Pablo was previously Partner / CEO at Verdek which recycled Tetra Pak® cartons. He attended the University of Buenos Aires from 1989 to 1994.
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