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Ole Peter Galaasen

Ole Peter Galaasen is a freelance journalist and the editor of the Plausible Futures Newsletter, a daily updated news service and portal to future studies. He earned his B.A. degree in political science, history and science journalism from the University of Oslo. He is currently working on various projects in Norway.
His long time interest in future studies, technology and global issues are reflected in his articles on opportunities and threats facing humankind. He is the author of Nanomedicine and the Future of Healthcare, Infowar, Nanowar and Exotic Weapons, Nanowar Scenarios and the Future of Warfare, The Technological and Ethical Frontiers of Regenerative and Reproductive Medicine, The Future of Designer Babies, Foresight and Early Warning Systems, Energy, Entropy and Technology, Undesirable World Futures: Things That Could, But Shouldn’t Happen, Nanowar Scenarios and the Future of Warfare, Evolution Robotics Super Toys Last All Summer Long, 30 Years Beyond the Limits to Growth: an Interview with Jørgen Randers, (published in Futurology: Forcasts and Initiatives, ICFAI University Press), Book Review: The World Upside Down, Book Review: Psychedelic Horizons, and several others articles dealing with future studies and technology. Browse his archive of these articles.
As one of the pioneers of future studies in the 90s in Norway, Ole Peter has worked with many consulting and technology companies. Some of the diverse topics he has done research on include scenario planning and strategy, higher education, e-commerce, banking services, learning organizations and much more. He was also the editor of the email newsletter This Week in Nanotech by NanoApex Corp.
His other interests include: international politics, media, medical technology, energy technology, psychology, A.I. and robotics, transhumanism, science fiction and esoteric history. In his spare time he likes to go mountain biking, golfing and snowboarding.
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