Advisory Board

Neil Peters

Neil Peters is Founder at and Partner & CTO at The Corporate Trade Network. is a new initiative with a mission to change how the world does business. Their trading platform and related services are intended to provide people with valuable economic tools and offer their members a smarter way to do business.
Their vision is to enable a sustainable social economic system that works for the 99% and offers a positive alternative for the future of our planet.
The Corporate Trade Network is an innovative B2B trading platform that enables businesses to purchase a wide variety of goods and services without using cash. Membership in the Corporate Trade Network enables businesses to attract and retain new customers, save cash, increase profits and access a new source of financing.
Neil is a seasoned business veteran and serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in multiple facets of the Information Technology industry, ranging from the design and implementation of custom business solutions, to international corporate sales, business development, and senior management roles.
He has a unique and extensive mix of technical and business-related skills which assist him in ensuring innovative and effective solutions to both simple and complex issues. His strong business, interpersonal, and management skills contribute to Neil providing a well-rounded approach in identifying and solving complex business challenges.
Neil was previously Owner Operator at Micromax / N-Tier, Organizer at CyberSocial, Director of Business Development at Business Round Table, VP Business Development at Userful Corporation, and CEO at
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